Entry: Last midwife appointment Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Went to the hospital today for our last check with midwife so they could discharge me from their care. All is good. My uterus is now back to what it should be when not pregnant and Kya now weighs 7lb 10oz! Yay. She is having so far 2 bottle feeds of breastmilk, and the rest formula. I'm hoping to increase the bottled breastmilk though. As long as she is gaining weight nicely though.

Kya is a little cranky when she gets trapped wind. But she is so much better to handle than Morgan was. Hopefully this doesn't last too long though. I don't like seeing her in pain.

Bought the two shades of pink paint today!!! I can't wait until Morgan moves in to the bigger bedroom once his junior bed arrives, so that we can start decorating her nursery!!! I still need to buy a pink light shade, pink curtains and some pink bedding for her. So excited. She is going to love it!! Well if she doesn't, then I will love it for the both of us.

Can't believe Kya is 11days old now! How fast is the time going! Hoping to take her to the beach over next 3 weeks sometime. Can't wait. And with Morgan walking now he will love it even more!!! Then we will be taking them both to their first outing to the zoo. Just hope the weather isn't overly hot on those days!


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