Entry: More Pics Saturday, July 28, 2007

I can't believe she is now 1week old! That has just flown by. She is looking more and more like Morgan each day. It's unbelieveable. I feel like I should be dressing her in boys clothes, not in pink. Crazy. She is golden for us still. Has had a few bouts of wind but nothing too bad. Her cry is much more bearable than Morgans was. I have decided to breastfeed Kya for the late feed before we go to bed, and then also the first feed in the morning when we wake up. It was getting me a bit down that I had stopped breastfeeding. And I felt like I was failing her. But now I am much happier with giving her those two feeds. Maybe I will pump also in a few weeks and give her breastmilk in a bottle through the whole night. I gave her a feed this afternoon to make sure I still had milk supply and stuff. And she fed really well, she latched on straight away! I was suprised at this, as I had heard that it can make babies confused from offering bottle and the breast. But she did really good.  So i'm really happy about that!


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