Entry: Heel Prick Test Friday, July 27, 2007

Kya had the heel prick test done today. Thankfully the midwife doing the test held Kya, as she found it easier to do this way. So that was good I didn't have to hold her. Bless Kya, she shed real tears. I felt so bad. But I know she needs to get it done.

Kyas umilical cord fell off sometime wednesday nite/thursday morning. which im glad about. It made me nervous when picking her up. But now I dont have to worry about knocking it. Her belly button is a little crusty still, but the midwife said the crust will come off in the next few days. I hope she has a really cute belly button like Morgans. She is now nearly back to her birth weight. She is only 10grams under it. Which is great. At least I know she is eating really well.

I keep thinking that Kya is Morgan. She looks exactly like he did. So im finding it a bit weird her being in pink. In a few weeks I reckon I will be used to it though. Got so much nice stuff. Just wish the weather would turn nice, so that she can wear the dresses and skirts.


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