Entry: Still can't believe it Monday, July 23, 2007

I still can't believe we have a little girl! Its so surreal. I feel like im going to wake up any moment. I think it seems more weird because I had a home birth, so i didnt have to leave and be apart from Mike and Morgan to be in hospital. It just feels like someone has just dropped her off to us. It is crazy! We went for our first outing today to get her birth registered. Then we popped into town so I could send her child benefit form off and other things. We had people cooing at her in one shop. They couldn't believe she was only 2days old. Guess not many people are out and about that much just after two days of giving birth. She was golden on her outing. And its very weird getting four of us sorted and in the car to go out! Amazingly we was out the house by 10:40am, and we got up bout 8am! so that is good going seeing as we wasnt rushing!

Kya is fitting into the family so easily, she is an angel to have! Last nights feeds were good as we changed her to bottle, and we were able to get sleep in hour slots. which is a life saver when having a newborn. She rarely cries, only when she has a little wind or when hungry, but still she soon hushes when picked up. I cant believe how much better to handle she is than Morgan was. I am so chuffed!

We went and bought her a few outfits today and they are just so cute!!!! I am going to have so much fun buying girly clothes!



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