Entry: Kya Elizabeth has arrived! Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our little girl Kya Elizabeth Hodgson was born at 11:19am Saturday 21st July. Weighing 7lbs 6oz. Length 20inches. She is absolutely beautiful. The labour and delivery was good. I had half a shot of pethidine, and few puffs on gas and air. She was very eager to come into the world that when I wanted to push it took 2minutes!!! My waters broke just before I had her. She is wonderful.

I can't believe our little girl is here!!!! I'm so thankful to Mike he was brilliant for me throughout the labour! I could never had done it without him. And he is already a great daddy to Kya, very devoted to her! Morgan doesnt know what to make of her, but hopefully he will soon learn shes here to stay. Kya has taken to breastfeeding extremely well. Im so pleased!


July 22, 2007   01:49 AM PDT

I am so happy for you!!!

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