Entry: False Alarm Friday, July 20, 2007

Well as I thought, it was a false alarm. Even though by the end of my counting I was getting contractions every 7mins and lasting 30seconds, I just knew it was nothing, because they weren't getting painful. Just a little crampy. Well at about 3:30am I decided to get some sleep and if it was the real thing, I would have been woken up by stronger contractions. But no, nothing became of it so here I am with Podge still inside me. I'm happy about that because I need to get a few things from town today. And was hoping to last until after then for labour to start. Who knows maybe something will happen tonight. Which would be typical because my mom is going out tonight with some people and she said to not go into labour tonight. Heehee. I think Podge will just arrive tonight on purpose now. But still got a strong feeling that I will go overdue!


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