Entry: Am I in denial??? Friday, July 20, 2007

ok well its been 3hrs since i got my first tightening. so far i have had 20. the last one was a little painful too. all the rest have just been a little back ache. on average they are about 12mins apart and lasting 25seconds. I havent called the hospital yet, cuz i would feel like a fool down the phone because they are not really hurting, and i just think this is a false alarm. i really dont know. i think ile wait til they get more painful or crampier before ringing hospital. i could have sworn with my boy i was much crampier than this, expecially by now. but maybe its due to the fact i was walking up and down the stairs when in labour with my boy, but this time i have just sat on the sofa and lay in bed. maybe ile try some walking around.


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