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I'm 19 years old. I'm married to a guy called Mike since 16th August '05. We already have a little boy called Morgan, born 14th October 2005. I am currently pregnant with our 2nd child. This is my pregnancy blog

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Friday, July 27, 2007
Heel Prick Test

Kya had the heel prick test done today. Thankfully the midwife doing the test held Kya, as she found it easier to do this way. So that was good I didn't have to hold her. Bless Kya, she shed real tears. I felt so bad. But I know she needs to get it done.

Kyas umilical cord fell off sometime wednesday nite/thursday morning. which im glad about. It made me nervous when picking her up. But now I dont have to worry about knocking it. Her belly button is a little crusty still, but the midwife said the crust will come off in the next few days. I hope she has a really cute belly button like Morgans. She is now nearly back to her birth weight. She is only 10grams under it. Which is great. At least I know she is eating really well.

I keep thinking that Kya is Morgan. She looks exactly like he did. So im finding it a bit weird her being in pink. In a few weeks I reckon I will be used to it though. Got so much nice stuff. Just wish the weather would turn nice, so that she can wear the dresses and skirts.

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Monday, July 23, 2007
Still can't believe it

I still can't believe we have a little girl! Its so surreal. I feel like im going to wake up any moment. I think it seems more weird because I had a home birth, so i didnt have to leave and be apart from Mike and Morgan to be in hospital. It just feels like someone has just dropped her off to us. It is crazy! We went for our first outing today to get her birth registered. Then we popped into town so I could send her child benefit form off and other things. We had people cooing at her in one shop. They couldn't believe she was only 2days old. Guess not many people are out and about that much just after two days of giving birth. She was golden on her outing. And its very weird getting four of us sorted and in the car to go out! Amazingly we was out the house by 10:40am, and we got up bout 8am! so that is good going seeing as we wasnt rushing!

Kya is fitting into the family so easily, she is an angel to have! Last nights feeds were good as we changed her to bottle, and we were able to get sleep in hour slots. which is a life saver when having a newborn. She rarely cries, only when she has a little wind or when hungry, but still she soon hushes when picked up. I cant believe how much better to handle she is than Morgan was. I am so chuffed!

We went and bought her a few outfits today and they are just so cute!!!! I am going to have so much fun buying girly clothes!


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Saturday, July 21, 2007
Kya Elizabeth has arrived!

Our little girl Kya Elizabeth Hodgson was born at 11:19am Saturday 21st July. Weighing 7lbs 6oz. Length 20inches. She is absolutely beautiful. The labour and delivery was good. I had half a shot of pethidine, and few puffs on gas and air. She was very eager to come into the world that when I wanted to push it took 2minutes!!! My waters broke just before I had her. She is wonderful.

I can't believe our little girl is here!!!! I'm so thankful to Mike he was brilliant for me throughout the labour! I could never had done it without him. And he is already a great daddy to Kya, very devoted to her! Morgan doesnt know what to make of her, but hopefully he will soon learn shes here to stay. Kya has taken to breastfeeding extremely well. Im so pleased!

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Another false alarm maybe....

Well tried things to kick start labour again tonight, and the contractions have started up again, and they feel worse than they did last night, so i'm hoping this is gonna be the real thing and I will soon have the midwife round here saying 'yuppers ur in labour' but im gonna see how it is. Took paracetomal bout 40mins ago to see if it makes these contractions die down. I'm hoping they don't because I am soooo ready to meet this little one. If it dies down again like last night then I will just let nature takes its course and not try bring on labour. I will try keep updated as much as possible.

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Friday, July 20, 2007
False Alarm

Well as I thought, it was a false alarm. Even though by the end of my counting I was getting contractions every 7mins and lasting 30seconds, I just knew it was nothing, because they weren't getting painful. Just a little crampy. Well at about 3:30am I decided to get some sleep and if it was the real thing, I would have been woken up by stronger contractions. But no, nothing became of it so here I am with Podge still inside me. I'm happy about that because I need to get a few things from town today. And was hoping to last until after then for labour to start. Who knows maybe something will happen tonight. Which would be typical because my mom is going out tonight with some people and she said to not go into labour tonight. Heehee. I think Podge will just arrive tonight on purpose now. But still got a strong feeling that I will go overdue!

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7 mins apart

well its nearly been 4 hours since first tightening / contraction. and now it looks like they are 7mins apart. but still only bout 30seconds in length. i think they are feeling a little more uncomfy but i cant tell. i really think im in denial. i just dont believe im in labour. cuz this point when in labour with morgan i was waiting on a taxi to take me to hospital!!! i was really crampy! im going to walk around a bit more and maybe get on the birthing ball. even try get some sleep. will try update again if i can, if there is any more progress or what not. if not ile update in the morning saying 'false alarm'

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Am I in denial???

ok well its been 3hrs since i got my first tightening. so far i have had 20. the last one was a little painful too. all the rest have just been a little back ache. on average they are about 12mins apart and lasting 25seconds. I havent called the hospital yet, cuz i would feel like a fool down the phone because they are not really hurting, and i just think this is a false alarm. i really dont know. i think ile wait til they get more painful or crampier before ringing hospital. i could have sworn with my boy i was much crampier than this, expecially by now. but maybe its due to the fact i was walking up and down the stairs when in labour with my boy, but this time i have just sat on the sofa and lay in bed. maybe ile try some walking around.

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Could this be it?

well i have had tightenings that are uncomfy at 11:10pm, 11:17pm, 11:25pm, 11:37pm, 11:47pm and midnite. and wondering if there will be another. silly me had forgotten to write down how long the tightenings were lasting for also, until DH reminded me just before the last one. Well the midnite one lasted 30secs. It's exciting. But I still reckon it would be a false alarm, so I will wait and see if it gets worse! :-)  Gonna go to bed now, but hopefully will have an update in the morning saying 'its nothing, false alarm' or i be back on here saying 'im defo in labour' heehee.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007
4 days left

Until my due date! It's getting really close now. Well last night weren't a great nights sleep. Tossing and turning throughout the night. Then at 5:21am I woke with leg cramp!!!! OUCH! and when i stood up out of bed to go to the toilet, it went from my calf up to my thigh, and it hurt so much. My leg was just straight stiff! Couldn't bend it for the life of me. So I had to walk downstairs and around the living room for about 10mins so that the cramp would go. Now i'm just suffering the dull ache that you get after having leg cramp. Feels like there is a knot in my leg. Starting to get tummy cramps and back cramps after about 10pm each night. Makes me wonder if labour is going to start up. But nothing happens. Mike finishes work today at 5:15pm, and then has leave until 28th August!!!! It's brilliant. I'm so relieved Podge has stayed in me until this date at least. So now if Podge wants to come, that's fine by me! Just wonder when it will be now.

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Monday, July 16, 2007
1 Week Left

OMG only a week until I am due. How on earth did that happen! It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant! Life is just flying by! Podge is still as active as ever which is just reassuring. I'm hoping everything is ok with Podge! Really nervous that something may be or go wrong. Podge has been getting the hiccups more and more lately. Bless. It's so sweet. I will definately miss it. Wish I had a midwife appointment tomorrow, because I would love to hear Podge's heartbeat again and know if he/she has dropped any more. I'm sure he/she has though. Night times are getting bad now. Finding it hard to sleep, suffering really bad heartburn, also keep getting really crampy and I worry it's labour starting. Podge can't do anything until Mike finishes work on Thursday! Which isn't long now. I still reckon I will go overdue by a few days! Just gotta wait and see though

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