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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well I can definately not imagine getting ANY bigger. But I obviously will. Can't believe how much my bump has grown! I am so looking forward to having a flat (ish) stomach again! Be able to see my feet!!!! It is going to be very weird not lugging this big bump around. I know I will miss it. But I won't be getting another one for at least 4years!!!

So can't wait to meet Podge, and know whether we have a girl/boy Podge. It's so exciting. I still have no gut instinct to which one it is. I think i'm going to burst with excitement the closer my due date gets!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Progress Finally

Well I was right Podge has dropped some more! Wahoo. Podge is now 3 / 5ths engaged! Only 2 / 5ths of his/her head can be felt. I'm so excited. I know it doesn't mean that Podge will be earlier or anything. But progress is good! Everything is fine. I'm measuring 38weeks. My blood pressure is 110/60, which is great. There was a trace of protein in my urine, but nothing to worry about. And there was no sugar in my urine. Podge's heart rate was 136 beats per minute. So everything is just fine. They made sure I had my home birth pack, and that I knew which number to ring when labour began. So i'm all set to go. They haven't put me on weeklys either, so I am booked in for two weeks time on the 24th July, if Podge hasn't arrived by then.

Went to Morgans playgroup today and there was a girl there who has a five week old girl and she had a home birth. Which went really well for her. She had the midwife that delivered Morgan. So now that I know she is still working for the hospital, I really hope she delivers this baby too. Would be nice to see her again. So that's got me mega excited about the birth now. I'm not as worried about making mess now, as the girl said she had one shower curtain, and what the midwives put in the pack sorted the rest out. And the midwives just folded the stuff and disposed of it. So i'm a bit more relaxed about it now. Just as long as Podge stays in there until the 20th July, I will be happy. Can't wait! 13days until due date!

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Monday, July 09, 2007
2 weeks left!

Wahoo. 14days left!!!!! How exciting. I have a gut feeling I will go overdue. But i'm ok with that. As long as it's only by a few days. I don't want to be having Podge in August. I haven't planned for that. I will be happy if Podge decides to come anytime between 20th July and 28th July.

Well I still haven't heard from the maternity allowance entitlement. I know i'm eligible for it, but I have been waiting 3weeks now! Wonder how much longer it will take. I looked back on the stuff when I applied for it when pregnant with Morgan. I found I applied, it took bout 3weeks for them to get back to me, then I sent a form to say I had finished working and it was all set up once they got that form. I finished work Saturday and I am meant to be getting my first payment from them in 11days! Hopefully I hear from them before this week is up. I have tried ringing one number to try get hold of them, but no one is answering. So i'll leave it until Friday. And if I haven't heard anything through the post then I will try ringing again. I hope they have sorted it, because I need to know where I stand so I can inform housing benefit, and not worry that I wont be getting any maternity pay. Ugh it's all so stressful!

Podge is much more active lately, which is nice. And I find it really weird when Podge stretches out and my bump is just spread out. I best make the most of it all because I won't have my bump for much longer. I'm sure going to miss it. But then I am going to be happy my body will be my own again, and I won't be suffering these really bad aches and pains!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ok this 'lightening' is really starting to get to me now. It's so painful. I feel like Podge is just going to drop right out of me! The last 2days it has gotten more frequent especially at night time or when i'm sitting, or walking about, oh basically whatever I do it has become more frequent! Haha. Good thing is plenty of people have reassured me that it's normal to get this in the last few weeks and still not go into labour. I went into a panic thinking what if Podge just falls out of me whilst i'm shopping in Asda! Then what do I do. But nope it won't happen. So unless I start to get contractions i'm safe to leave the house. I am going to mention this 'lightening' feeling to my midwife when I next see her. Which is on Tuesday 10th July at 11:30am. Hopefully she will tell me that Podge has engaged itself more down my pelvis! I would go mad if I am still 1/5ths engaged. All this pain and pressure, to just have no change would be taking the mick. Oh well not long until I find out.

Well we packed the labour/hospital bag on Sunday. So that in the event of me needing to give birth in hospital then everything is ready to just go. Also it makes it easier to find things when i'm giving birth at home as everything will be in one place. So we packed it, and oh my word, the size of the newborn nappies! It scared me half to death! I'm so used to the size of Morgans nappies, that seeing a newborns nappy has freaked me out. I can't imagine holding something that small. It is going to take a day or two to get used to!

I finish work on Saturday (7-7-07) and i'm so looking forward to it! Thankfully i'm only working 11am-6pm. So it's an easy shift. But I so cannot wait to go on maternity leave. A whole 9months paid off. And an optional extra 3months unpaid.

The days are going by fast, and i'm starting to try enjoy it instead of wishing the days away like I have been doing. Only 19days left until my due date! Can't believe how close it's getting. Nearly in single figures! Everyone at my mums work have been asking my mum how long have I got left. Have I had the baby yet. All the usual questions you get once you hit the last 3weeks of pregnancy.

I am having a strong feeling that Podge is a girl. But I don't want to get my hopes up. I would love to have another boy to see how much different Morgan and he will be as they grow up. But to have a girl would be fab too, as then I get to experience both genders. I can't wait to find out our babies gender! I can't believe I managed to hold out on not finding out. As there were times when i desperately wanted to know. But the suprise will be great. And whatever the result I will be overjoyed! Can't wait!

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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Still Here

Well it turned out to be nothing last night. Thankfully some paracetomal and a good nights sleep was what I needed. I've made sure to relax today though at work. Only one more shift (11am - 6pm) of work to do on the 7th July and then i'm finished! Wahoo. I really can't wait now. I know it will come round fast but I just want it to be here already. Had a little cleaning spree of the kitchen earlier. The cooker got the brunt of it. I think tomorrow I will sort out upstairs, that's if I have any energy left after doing my labour/hospital bag, and also sorting out where all the sheets will go for the home birth. At least I am just over a day away from being 37weeks! (1day, 1hour and 15minutes to be exact) I can't believe it was 2weeks tomorrow that I had the major scare. It has just flown by! Hope the next 3weeks do the same.

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Not Feeling Good

Oh I feel awful. I'm getting very achey legs and bad back pain! Then there's the pressure from Podge pushing its head against my cervix, and the 'lightening' feeling i'm getting like Podge will just drop out. I don't like this feeling. The time I have felt like this before is when I am having a really bad 'time of the month' and also if i remember rightly when my labour started with Morgan. Only difference is i'm not getting the crampy stomach which are contractions. Well I think I will take some paracetomal and head to bed. I hate feeling like this. Hopefully nothing becomes of it. I still have two more days to make to 37weeks and then I can have a home birth. I really don't want to have the baby anytime soon. I still have things to do and get!

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Friday, June 29, 2007
Home Birthing Pack

I have finally gotten it! Yay! Well the contents weren't all that fun.lol. No alcohol or chocolate. Boo hoo.

There was towels to clean the baby up with once born, catheters just incase, aprons, latex gloves, some hand gel, some box that you put the used needles in, examination kits, sanitary towels, a few small disposable floor towels (so that when I stand after having the baby I wont mess my floor up), the thing to pop the waters - cant think of its name, label/tags for Podge and me, basically general stuff.

When the time comes that's when they will bring the oxygen tank because they will need to take the kit for others and such so it stays in the midwives cars. So yeah its exciting. We have decided to pack the hospital/labour bag sunday so im good to go and also we are doing a trial run of setting up the bedroom for when im in labour. Like where the shower curtains will be placed depending on how I want to deliver the baby (on the bed, standing up, etc) Oooh im so excited.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am getting huge. And still have another 4weeks approx of growing! How is that possible! I feel like i'm going to pop! I am so looking forward to being back into normal jeans! There are so many items of clothing I haven't been able to wear for months now which i really miss!

The weather has been pretty awful this past week / two weeks. Just pouring down with rain and ever so dull. Today there was a bit of sunshine but nothing that indicated the hot summer weather is on its way. I can't believe this time last year was scorching. I shouldn't complain as what pregnant woman wants to be feeling all hot and clammy in the final weeks of pregnancy. But I just know that the week I have Podge will be ridiculously hot to make up for the fact we are having rubbish weather now. Fingers crossed the hot weather holds off until Podge is born.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
36 Week Midwife Appointment

All is going well. Blood pressure 100/56. Nothing in my urine. I'm measuring exact to my dates again today. Which will probably be due to the fact of my hind (back) waters breaking on fathers day. Podge is still only 1 / 5ths engaged. Although today I could have sworn Podge had dropped some more. But nope. Heard the heartbeat also but didn't get told how many beats per minute. They haven't put me on weeklys. I go back to see the midwife in two weeks time on 10th July at 11:30am. I have been told to ring the maternity unit to ask if they have any home birth packs made up, so I can collect one. I will do that on Friday afternoon. It's so exciting. Just got another 6more days to go and i'm 37weeks so I can have a home birth.

My mum got Podge a little teddy for when he/she is born. It's so cute!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Nesting Kicking In

Well I think the nesting is finally kicking in. The other night I was cleaning the bathroom at 11:55pm! All I was meant to do was rinse the bath out after me, but nope instead I had to get all the cleaning products out and scrub it until it was sparkling. And now tonight I went and polished and cleaned around the house. Then I got hubby to set Podges bouncer up. I was planning to set this up around the 15th July. And then I had to put Podges clothing and stuff that we have already got for him/her into some drawers. I feel a bit better, but I could go on cleaning. But i doubt Morgan will appreciate being woken in the middle of the night by me hoovering the house! So I will leave that until the weekend.

Update from how things are with me and Podge since the scare.... Podge moving about well. The bleeding hasn't come back. I'm having some more pressure down there, but the midwives did say that Podge was really low down. So that's all normal. I have my next midwife appointment on 26th June. So hopefully she will tell me Podge is more engaged. Just got 1week and 6days to go and then i'm in the safe zone, and can still have a home birth.

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